Foredil deals with marble since 1974: the passion for natural stones and handicraft has guided us in the working of these unique materials full of history. Our collections present a large range of products for every taste and for any kind of internal and external solutions: they are the result of a careful control on the production chain, from the quality of raw materials to the finished product Our experience allows us to help the customer in choosing the most suitable materials, offering the possibility to personalize the products. The high quality of our products is guaranteed by the internal production with Italian labour, to satisfy the needs of our customers.


Our products are synonymous of quality, design, heat, harmony, refinement and care of the detail: the innovation of quality is represented by taste, by design, workmanship The “Made in Italy” belongs to the culture of our country, it is one of its cultural identities and it is also one of its elements of image. When you think of “Made in Italy”, you imagine the products that from the point of view of quality and use have a high aesthetic content